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Te Ao Hou

This website lets you search and browse all 76 issues of the magazine Te Ao Hou The New World.

Te Ao Hou was published from 1952 to 1976 by the Māori Affairs Department in New Zealand Aotearoa. According to its first editorial, Te Ao Hou aimed "to provide interesting and informative reading for Maori homes … like a marae on paper, where all questions of interest to the Maori can be discussed."

Te Ao Hou features bilingual content, with articles in both English and te reo Māori.

The National Library of New Zealand extends thanks to the Māori Purposes Fund Board for granting permission to digitise Te Ao Hou.

Read the entry on Te Ao Hou from The Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature :

Thumbnail: [No. 1 (Winter 1952) Cover]
No. 1 (Winter 1952)
Thumbnail: [No. 2 (Spring 1952) Cover]
No. 2 (Spring 1952)
Thumbnail: [No 3. (Summer 1953) Cover]
No 3. (Summer 1953)
Thumbnail: [No. 4 (Autumn 1953) Cover]
No. 4 (Autumn 1953)
Thumbnail: [No. 5 (Spring 1953) Cover]
No. 5 (Spring 1953)
Thumbnail: [No. 6 (Royal Tour) Cover]
No. 6 (Royal Tour)

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